About Me

715-DbeQtiL._UX250_In no particular order, I’m a mother, wife, photographer, dancer, scientist, author, speaker, educator, auto-immune disease patient and lots of other things!

This blog is sharing my thoughts, feelings, emotions, trials and concerns throughout my journey with autoimmune disease.

If you’re new to my blog, please read my first post as an introduction to me and why I’m writing!

My official “About the Author”:

Kelly Morgan Dempewolf, PhD, is a mother of two, wife, science educator and Sjögren’s Syndrome patient. She is the author of a high school chemistry textbook “Discovering Chemistry You Need to Know”, NSTA Press’s book “Mastery Learning in the Science Classroom” and numerous science education articles. She began the blog www.asmybodyattacksitself.com as a way to process and communicate her struggles with chronic disease and as has expanded that writing into her new book “As My Body Attacks Itself”.

Her science education work can be found at www.kellymorganscience.com and her writings about her autoimmune disease at www.asmybodyattacksitself.com